Biden Is Allowing More Drilling Than Trump

Hunter Kissam
2 min readDec 7, 2021

Contrary to Biden’s campaign promises, his administration is now opening the doors to more drilling on public lands than under Trump. While prominent politicians are continuing to pay lip service to the climate crisis and pretend that COP26 made some kind of difference, activists must not be disillusioned.

The Story

The story comes only weeks after COP26 when President Biden pledged the US would “lead by example” to prevent the planet from warming past the symbolic 1.5C threshold.

Since COP26, the Biden Administration has continued to accelerate his leasing of public lands to oil companies for the sake of drilling. This comes amid vigilant climate activism and the Senate’s stalling of the Build Back Better consolidation package, continuing to undermine his own policies and promises.

While it isn’t unusual for politicians to backtrack on their campaign promises, this instance has particularly dire consequences.

The Effect

Scientists continue to warn that nearly all of the oil beneath the ground must stay where it is to preserve life as we know it. Continuing to drill for new oil at this moment in history is certain to push global temperatures above 1.5C, which would affect millions, if not billions of humans and shatter ecosystems…



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