Why We Should Pay More Attention to US/China Relations

Hunter Kissam
5 min readDec 19, 2021
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Going into 2022, what challenges are we facing on the world stage? For starters, the rising threat of nuclear war at a time when peace is needed most.

Tensions between the US and China are escalating, and activists need to be aware. Let’s talk about the current situation between the two powers.

The Situation

You may have noticed President Biden’s “180" from the campaign trail to the beginning of his presidency. Initially, Trump and the GOP were “using racist language” by insinuating that the Covid-19 pandemic was started in a lab in Wuhan, China. Well, it didn’t take long for Biden to come in and begin making the same claims.

Consequently, tensions have continued to escalate between President Xi and Biden, with military postures and dangerous rhetoric increasing.

Recently, the diplomatic boycott on the Beijing Winter Olympics and the strengthened military alliance between the US, UK, and Australia (snubbing their ally, France) are just a couple of notable examples of policy decisions.

Although, the Biden Administration’s official actions are not the only concern. Turn on cable news or pick up an esteemed newspaper in the US and you will see the press playing their subordinate role and stoking further fears about…



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